Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spiritual Starlites - Long Black Limousine

I love everything about this record - the cover picture (taken in the East Atlanta Village neighborhood of ATL), the sharp, matching three-piece suits the Starlites are wearing, the momento mori title, and, most of all, the deep gospel soul music in the grooves. This seems to be the Spiritual Starlites' only album, although they made at least two singles. The record is on the ASL (Atlanta Soul Liberation) label, which put out a lot of good local gospel. There's no copyright date on the cover or label, but I would put this one right around 1980, give or take a couple of years in either direction.

The music, by a vocal quartet and a four-piece band, is on the old-fashioned side for the time, and that's to its credit, as far as I'm concerned - no synthesizers or drum machines are to found here. If the label credits can be believed, all ten selections were written by members of the group. Of the four sides of their singles (as listed on Discogs), only one matches the song titles from this album. Here it is - "Don't Hinder Me."

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