Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Eric Quincy Tate - Drinking Man's Friend

Eric Quincy Tate may not have been the best Southern rock band of the 1970s, but they had one of the best album covers. The band was built around the guitar and songwriting of Tommy Carlisle and the soulful singing of drummer Donnie McCormick. They never made much of an impact nationally, but they were popular in Georgia when I was a teenager. I spent the summer of 1974 in Macon, and EQT's sly version of John Mayall's "Brown Sugar" was one of my jukebox favorites. I'm glad to have a copy of their second (and probably best) album, Drinking Man's Friend, issued by Capricorn in 1972 - even if a previous owner did mark on the cover with brown ink. "Brown Sugar" opens the album.

In later years Donnie McCormick became a fixture at Atlanta's wonderful dive blues bar, The Northside Tavern. His death in 2009 was much lamented by the Atlanta blues community.

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