Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Davis Sisters - In My Room

Philadelphia's Davis Sisters were a major force n gospel music for many years; this 1967 Savoy album catches them about halfway through their long career. There were personnel changes through the years of course; on this album the sisters present are Ruth ("Baby Sis"), Audrey, and Alfreda, along with Cynthia Young. I'm not sure who the guy on the cover is - perhaps pianist Curtis Dublin.

This is strong gospel music, with a lot in common with the soul music of the era - or maybe the other way around is more accurate. The accompaniment varies from track to track, but includes organ, piano, bass, and drums. 

Savoy was one of the independent labels that sprung up in the 1940s; they specialized in all kinds of black music - jazz, gospel, and what would come to be known as R & B. (They called it "jump blues" back in the day.) By the 1960s they concentrated on gospel, although they still issued an occasional jazz album. Most of Savoy's many gospel albums have not been reissued making their gospel LP catalog an invaluable archive.

Here are couple of tracks from the album. I'm glad to say that my copy is in better shape than the YouTube poster's copy.

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