Friday, May 12, 2017

'Pub Crawling' with Jimmy Deuchar

More British jazz today, this time modern rather than traditional. I had never heard of the Scottish trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar until I found this intriguing album a couple of years ago. But I knew many of the other musicians, who were among the cream of the British modern jazz scene. Among them are saxophonists Derek Humble and Tubby Hayes, pianists Victor Feldman and Stan Tracey, and drummers Phil Seamen and Tony Crombie. Pub Crawling was recorded in London in 1955 and 1956 for issue in the U.S. Contemporary label.

The six original compositions on the album, all by Deuchar, are named after brands of beer: "Special IPA," "Bass House," "Final Selection," etc. The playing is as excellent as are the compositions. To international audiences, Victor Feldman is probably the biggest name here, followed by Tubby Hayes. But Deuchar is an intriguing, original voice, poised somewhere between Miles Davis and Kenny Dorham. In the end, a minor figure in jazz, but I'm glad I made his acquaintance via this record.


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