Monday, July 17, 2017

Jam Session Featuring Maynard Ferguson

In case anyone actually checks out this blog, I'll apologize for the dearth of posts this month. I have been and will be on the road for much of July.

Maynard Ferguson's first 12" LP was an informal blowing session for EmArcy, Mercury's jazz division. Jam Session was recorded in 1954 and issued the next year. The record has two long tracks, one per side. Ferguson is frankly the least interesting soloist here - Herb Geller, Bob Cooper, Milt Bernhardt, Claude Williamson, and Max Roach all contribute fine improvisations, though. Bassist John Simmons is solid throughout, although he doesn't solo. Bob Gordon is listed in the credits, but his baritone sax is nowhere to be heard - I suspect he left the session after recording the tracks issued on an earlier 10" Ferguson LP.

Here's the entire album on YouTube:


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