Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dirty Dozen Brass Band - An Early Single

Yesterday's post featured a British take on the New Orleans brass band style. Here's the real thing.

There were several factors contributing to the New Orleans brass band revival of the 1980s, but the emergence of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band was important to the movement. After they made their first album for Concord in 1984, they began touring the country and the world, and spawned dozens of imitators. But before that album, they recorded two singles for the local New Orleans market. Here's one of them: "Feet Can't Fail Me Now" backed with "Lil Liza Jane," from 1983 on the Mad Musicians label. The musicians' names are conveniently listed on the labels, so we know that this is the same personnel that made the Concord album: Gregory Davis and Efrem Towns on trumpet, Charles Joseph on trombone, Kevin Harris and Roger Lewis on tenor and baritone saxes, the great Kirk Joseph on tuba, and Jenell Marshall and Benny Jones on snare and bass drums.

My memory is a little hazy, but I think I found this record back in the 1990s at Jim Russell's Rare Records on Magazine Street, in their huge selection of local singles. I won't always be posting posting sound clips from the records I include in this blog, but because of the rarity of this one, here are mp3s for listening or download.

Feet Can't Fail Me Now

Lil Liza Jane

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